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An Introduction

My name is Jo Jones, I am a qualified counsellor with a degree in psychology and sociology who understands that everyone is different and has different views in life. With this in mind i choose to use an eclectic approach in counselling depending on the client and the challenges they are facing.

I believe in offering a non-judgemental and supportive service to enable people to find peace and happiness and to reach their full potential.


Depression and/or anxiety
 Depression and anxiety are conditions that are becoming more and more common and can have a massively detrimental effect on one's life. They can affect not only the sufferer but those around them and limit social interactions which in turn makes the condition worse. It can be difficult to explain to people and to gain understanding. With Sunrise counselling in Kings Lynn you can discover the root causes, find coping strategies and help enhance your life.
 Disabilities, chronic pain sufferers and carers
 If you have been diagnosed with a disability or are a sufferer of chronic pain it can take a huge toll on your life and be a struggle to accept losing who you feel you are. Also being a carer of someone with long term health and/or mental health problems can be stressful no matter how much you care. Sometimes we need someone neutral to talk to about our concerns and frustrations, I can help with counselling  with that so please get in touch if you need to.
 Unhappiness in life
 Do you feel unhappy? Sometimes we don't know why and sometimes we do, whichever is the case often we need help to move from darkness into light and to feel at peace with ourselves and life in general. I can help you find your own solutions for inner peace using counselling.
 Your partner or spouse
 Do you have a difficult relationship with your partner? Sometimes relationships go into decline, whether due to the arrival of children, or caused by infidelity or simply moving apart.
 We can jointly explore the issues with your spouse, and I can act as an impartial intermediary. I never take sides, and I can help, via counselling, identify some of the issues that are causing friction.
 Your family
 Are there frictions in your family? Today society is more complex, we have increasingly complicated families, including step families, and our relationships with our children are not as simple as they used to be. It’s very easy for misunderstandings to arise, and so I can provide a forum for debate to take place, leading to a calmer environment.
 To find out more about my counselling services or to make an appointment, call me or email me.
 Separating or divorcing from your spouse
 When separating, many couples have found it helpful to talk, either together or, more usually, seperately. You may wish to discuss your anger and grief about your realationship and you may find it helpful to talk with me whether you can achieve acceptance and even mapping out a new future.
 Bereavement and loneliness
 If you've been bereaved, it can help to talk to someone in confidence about your loss. Please contact me if you need to talk.
 Workplace training
 I also offer workplace training for managers to recognise stress in their staff and to help them cope, a happy healthy worforce is a productive workforce after all!

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