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Here`s what people are saying about Sunrise Counselling. Please only use initials or nicknames for confidentiality reasons. Thank you.

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  • P.W. (Wednesday, January 24 18 02:51 pm GMT)

    After some difficult issues in my life and in my past I decided to try counselling. Although I was nervous Jo made me feel at ease and helped me to deal with past traumas and make my current situation better. Not only was I supported but I felt empowered to understand my feelings and re-address my thinking and actions. I'm happier, my family are happier and my marriage is stronger. A wonderful lady who I will happily recommend to others

  • L.T.S (Monday, August 15 16 05:48 pm BST)

    I found Jo very understanding and easy going. She helped me come to terms with some difficult issues that I had struggled with for many years and finally lay ghosts to rest. She was supportive and
    never judged me. I would recommend her to friends if needed.

  • Charlee (Tuesday, July 26 16 09:24 pm BST)

    Jo has helped me with different problem and worries. I've never left jo and not been happy with the advise, support and help she has given me. Will definitely chat with jo again should I feel the
    need. A********

  • S.F (Sunday, July 24 16 08:58 pm BST)

    Jo was wonderful when my Mum passed away. I will never forget her deep level of kindness and understanding. Although no one can take the pain completely away when you lose someone you love, she
    helped me to live with it until I reached a state of acceptance. I would thoroughly recommend Jo to anyone who is suffering and in heart felt pain, whatever the reason.

  • K.G (Sunday, July 24 16 08:30 pm BST)

    Jo has been fantastic, after having a daughter that was traumatised by a situation it only took Jo around 4-5 sessions to guide her back to how she was and gain confidence, Jo is very patient, caring
    and understanding, she go through what can possibly work for your situation Jo got my childs situation sorted and I would definitely recommend her, if any situation came up again I wouldn't think
    twice about contacting Jo,

  • S.L (Sunday, July 24 16 07:26 pm BST)

    Very friendly and supportive, Jo helped me to see things in a different way and make the changes i needed to. I would recommend her to anyone having a difficult time.

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